Assistive Listening Devices

Some people with hearing loss require extra help from an assistive listening device in certain situations in order to hear a sound source more effortlessly and/or more clearly. Assistive listening devices can be used with hearing aids to improve one’s ability to hear in background noise, at a distance or in a room with a lot of echo. Sometimes these devices are used instead of hearing aids because the need is only for one specific situation (i.e. listening to television). An assistive listening device can be something as simple as an amplified telephone.

The following are some assistive listening devices available from Limestone Hearing Care Centre:

Bluetooth® Technology

  • Many hearing aid manufacturers offer hearing aids that are compatible with Bluetooth® devices such as cellular phones, home phones, televisions and music listening devices
  • Imagine hearing your cellular phone through your hearing aids completely hands free!
  • Another option from some manufacturers is a remote microphone.  This tiny microphone can be clipped on your conversational partner's lapel so that you can hear what they are saying even if there is background noise.

Amplified Telephones

  • Cordless
  • Call display
  • Large lit buttons – easy to see
  • Flashing light when call comes in
  • Amplification of up to 50 dB
  • Answering machine that can slow the incoming message down for you to hear it correctly

T.V. amplifier (Infrared)

  • Cordless
  • Light weight

FM Listening Devices

  • Wireless connection to hearing aids
  • Or used with earphones or neck loop with hearing aids on “T” switch