The performance of digital hearing aids depends, to a large extent, on the quality of the batteries used. To get the full benefit of one’s hearing aid it is important to use high-quality batteries. The lifetime of a battery is influenced by the quality.  With reliable batteries, you avoid periodic hearing aid failures or premature activation of the low battery alarm (ie. beep-tones before the battery is exhausted).

At Limestone Hearing Care Centre you are sure to get reliable, high performance quality batteries that feature:

  • Full performance
  • No problems with battery leakage
  • High and stable working voltage, so that both battery and hearing aid function optimally

Unpacking Batteries

  • Do not remove the sealing label until just before inserting the battery in the hearing aid

Storing Batteries

  • Be sure to keep batteries away from sparks, flames and strong heat
  • Always keep batteries out of children’s and pet’s reach to prevent swallowing

Handling exhausted batteries

  • Always remove exhausted batteries from the hearing aid as they may otherwise leak and damage the hearing aid
  • Exhausted batteries are hazardous waste.  Dispose of them properly or bring them to Limestone Hearing Care Centre and we will dispose of them properly for you.