Care Of Hearing Aids

Handling your hearing aids

Hearing aids are valuable devices that need to be handled with care. A well cared for hearing aid will perform better and last longer than a poorly cared for hearing aid.

Hard knocks or excessive pressure may damage your hearing aid shell or internal components. Try sitting on your bed or leaning over a table or counter while placing and removing your hearing aids. That way, if they fall, it won’t be far.

Store your hearing aids safely away from children and pets. When you retire for the night, turn your hearing aids to the off position and store them in the storage case provided.

Moisture and high temperatures are harmful to your hearing aids. Put your hearing aids on only after you have finished using all hair products, drying and styling your hair. Certainly, hearing aids cannot be worn in the shower (except for the Lyric) or while swimming. Should you accidently forget, remove the battery immediately and set the hearing aid in a safe dry place to dry out. Contact Limestone Hearing Care Centre as soon as possible. Sometimes a night in a dehumidifying jar can revive the hearing aids. Otherwise, the devices will need to be repaired by the manufacturer.

Cleaning your hearing aids

A dry soft cloth and a special brush and/or tools supplied by your Audiologist are the only items safe for cleaning your hearing aids. Whatever the type of hearing aid, water or other fluids should not be used to clean it.

It is normal to have earwax in your ear canal. Some people have more ear wax than others. Because all hearing aids have parts that sit in the ear canal, and even a small amount can cause your hearing aid to malfunction, it is important to clean earwax from hearing aids.  Check your hearing aids for dirt and wax every time you remove them from your ears. Cleaning your hearing aid should become a part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth.

Every style of hearing aid has a different way of cleaning it. Instructions for cleaning your hearing aids can also be found in the instruction manual that came with your devices. The care and cleaning of your hearing aids will be reviewed at the fitting appointment of your hearing aids. Always feel free to ask questions at any time about the care and cleaning of your hearing aids.